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trigger conditions

  1. AFreerSky

    Looking to make a trigger that only applies to buildings after they've finished constructing.

    Hello, I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else so thought it'd worth the ask. I'm making triggers that apply when a building is clicked, and I've gotten everything to work how I want it. The only kicker is, I'd like to modify the trigger so it only takes effect if the building is not...
  2. xploder7

    [Solved] Random N units from unit group help

    I have the below trigger that is selecting 3 random units around my voidwalker and spawns a dummy unit to attack them. The dummy unit / attacking works fine. HOWEVER I can't for the life of me get the "Random N" to stop selecting duplicate units. I tried implementing the below code to no avail...
  3. HerlySQR

    What is more efficient way about add actions/conditions to a trigger?

    If I create a trigger I can normally do: function Actions takes nothing returns nothing //bla bla endfunction function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return bool endfunction function Init takes nothing returns nothing set t=CreateTrigger call...
  4. jayjayduque

    Help for random sounds played when using spells.

    Hello, I wanted to create a spell that makes random sound quotes when it's being cast, but I don't know how to setup the trigger or the variables. I know a little about building triggers but when it comes to the variables, I'm kind of a newb.
  5. SouLost

    Specific unit in X range from another, condition

    Hi, I can't find a way to make this... Event: -Sylvanas dies (is in game from the start) Condition: -Arthas is in range, maybe 2500 (arthas is in a variable) Action: -wait 5 sec -Replace Sylvanas with her banshee verison under control of player 4 Thanks in advance
  6. Macadamia

    Extreme Optimization : use only Conditions ?

    Hi again everyone, hope you are all fine. I am still working on my TD, and as I have fixed the last bugs, removed my weather effects that refused to work (was just a fancy feature anyways), I started working on optimizing my map performance. Don't get me wrong, I am overall quite pleased with...