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  1. Anton Wulff Jensen

    I need to make a unit spew fire with "Trap Side Fire"

    So I'm making this boss encounter, where 6 Kobold warriors stand by the side, spewing fire, using the "Trap Side Fire" doodad. However, I want this to happen every 10 seconds, and not every 3 seconds, as the animation of the doodad does. This fire needs to deal damage of course, which I think I...
  2. cleavinghammer

    Trap/Ambush Units (mimics, golems, etc.)

    Units that have an innocuous-looking "ambush" mode and then turn into an animated and murderous monster to attack. I've already seen an animated pile of gold and weapons, a Lordaeron statue that becomes a giant swordsman, even a dinner table that becomes a golem, who knows what else Hivers...
  3. Cylder

    [Trigger] This trigger is giving me a headache

    I don't know why this trigger isn't working Part 1 Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacking unit)) Equal to Trap Actions Set Index = (Index + 1) Set TrapUnits[Index] = (Units in No region) Wait 1.00 game-time...