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  1. MrGsqrd

    Make AI utilize Zeppelin/SkyBarge/Transport

    Hey all, Maybe it is just me (It usually is) but I cannot find any threads or forum on getting Zeppelins or other transports to work dynamically with the AI. I know how to statically make a zeppelin load a unit an unload it in another region, but I am looking for something a bit more...
  2. JustTom

    Charm Ability Cannot Target Transports or Bunkers

    I have turned Charm into an item ability and made it so it 'claims' neutral buildings; however, I cannot use it on orc burrows since it is considered a 'Transport / Bunker.' How do I get around this?
  3. Duvo

    [Spell] Is is possible to run looping animations on the transport used for cargo hold?

    For example, lets say you use a blacksmith as a transport for peasants to enter, using the cargo hold ability. could you make it so that the blacksmith will play a looping animation like the one it uses when researching an ability? and then stop when units leave.
  4. Hatta

    Transport with fire points

    I am thinking about making a special type of transport. It should take passengers like a goblin airship, but it will be moving by ground and all units inside should be able to shoot while being invincible. So when they get in this truck, it moves and all units inside are automatically shooting...
  5. Shah

    (Making) Unit Enter (Neutral) Transport Ship?

    How do i make my unit enters a netural passive ship? Im making a Rpg map. I made a dialog (if i want to sail to the island?) There are 2 options yes or no. When i Select yes my unit wont enter the ship. But if i make the ship my unit it works. But i want the ship to be netural passive. How...