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  1. w1919

    WC3MapTranslator for Windows

    Can anybody compile WC3MapTranslator exe for Windows ? Or how to install it in the Windows? (what is npm install wc3maptranslator) WC3MapTranslator is a "json(txt) <-> w3x" converter links: 4.0.1 GitHub - ChiefOfGxBxL/WC3MapTranslator: Translate war3map ⇄ json formats for WarCraft III .w3x maps...
  2. NightKnight

    Reforged UI Designer

    Allow me to introduce you to the: Ultimate Reforged UI Designer (RUID) There is now a new thread for this tool. This thread is no longer being updated. - Designed to take Map modding to the next level, with graphical Frame creation and adjustment. - Made for everyone, from the humble GUI...
  3. Ahega0

    How do I change the internal game files?

    Years ago I did this with ease but it's like 5 years without using a computer and I don't even remember how to use the war3 model editor, how do you change the internal files of the game? icons, models, skins and in which routes are they found? any video or tutorial?
  4. GrimmReefer

    How do I get custom units to show in palette?

    Basically the title. I made hero's and units through the custom data tab of the campaign editor. Is that not the correct place? They never show up. Only to place into buildings, but then the buildings are still the vanilla ones when I test the map. I watched youtube videos and everything...