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  1. FeelMyRash

    [SD/Modeling] Armoured Titan from Attack on Titan Anime

    Can someone please make an Armoured Titan model (preferably in a sort of Warcraft-style rather than the anime-style that can be seen on things like Pokemon models, unless that method is easier). I've never done a request before so if I'm missing something feel free to tell me.
  2. Stygians


    HoS Stygian Empire
  3. Stygians


    HoS Stygian Empire
  4. Fintrik

    Titan Model

    Hi can someone make a titan model for me? If it will be good enough i will use it in my map and i will add you to the credits. I need it bacause i am making map based on Troll and elves and i need a titan model because my model isnt working.
  5. _Guhun_

    Titan Land: Lands of Plenty

    Notice4: The Save/Load system has been added to KoT!! Check out the tutorial below! SAVE/LOAD System Tutorial Screenshots (Scroll Down) Titan Land: Lands of Plenty This is a map based on the Titan Land template, using an old Titan Land titled: "The Beginning of the End". The terrain is...