1. Cheshire

    simple tinker edit

    hey all, I have a really stupid request - I'm having trouble exporting the tinker model (classic graphics, compatible with patch 1.31.1) from the game. Does someone mind just uploading it here? it would really help me. thanks!
  2. Togark

    Ability Level Cap?

    So I'm working on a map where the level cap for heroes is 20, and the abilities I've added thus far have 5 levels, and ultimates have 3 upgrades. Yet when I test out the map after I level basic abilities 3 times, I can't level them up a 4th/5th time. Same goes for the ultimate ability except for...
  3. Trezon

    Removal of Hero glow

    Can someone help me editing the model of Tinker by removing the hero glow of the hero? I need help in context of this map.