1. impulse

    cant get the custom tiles to work (solved)

    hi im trying to get custom tiles to work but the looks of it i cant get a single custom one to work. I have repath it as the readme said North_rock.blp => TerrainArt\Northrend\North_rock.blp Affects the following interface components / models: The "Northrend" tile "rock"...
  2. StormyG7

    [SD/Texturing] Smaller W3 Reforged Tilesets

    I feel like this might be easy to do, or it might not, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. I'm pretty busy these days, so any advice or help is appreciated. If this is a relatively simple request, then I'd appreciate someone doing it because I feel like it might turn out to be useful. I'm...
  3. kantarion

    Seeking a partnership for wc3 HD tilesets

    Yo,seeking partner for recreating some areas of wc3 tilesets in HD manner. I am aware Reforged will come out but i got a feeling time is slowed down drastically now :) So lets grant community some nice things that we can enjoy while waiting :) You can check my work here (i updated some things...
  4. Woodenplank

    Fall Grass/leaves Tiles

    I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could help me make some tiles for my map/campaign. While the Skins section has several nice grass/dirt tiles, I haven't been able to find anything in the red/orange scope of grass, to go with autum/fall terrain. (And the basic ones in Warcraft 3 aren't too...
  5. Wayshan

    [Solved] Tiles and their weird edges (alpha channel problem)

    Hey, I have a strange problem with my tiles: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image I am really getting desperate. I followed some tutorials and played with it in Photoshop, but to no avail. I can edit them via PS, but I am not familiar with how this alpha tile and transparency works. Can someone help me...
  6. Yusuf123

    [Import] Importing custom tilesets? Tilesets not showing?

    So i found these tutorials on how to import custom tilesets and i did what they said but when i go to advance>modify tileset the tiles don't appear.. So here's a screenshot of my import paths; can someone tell me why its not showing or am i missing something? I'm downloaded a ton of tilesets and...