1. TheSilverhand

    Custom Hero Defense[TSH] Recruitment project! (Read on if interested)

    My Custom Hero Defense map has been out there for some time. and it's been growing a bit of popularity with regions in the EU. I have had this idea for making my map into a huge Custom hero defense map. But it's going to require a team of maybe 5 or 6 people to make it into a reality! O - If...
  2. TheSilverhand

    Zombie Infestation

    Map Name: Zombie Infestation Creators: TheSilverHand, ... Position: Terrainers, Triggers, & Nerfing/Buffing. ( People who can nerf and buff stuff ). Summary: Depending on the Game modes selected; Easy, Normal, Hard, & Endless game mode = The Survivors will be sent to travel around the map, to...