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theme poll

  1. Heinvers

    Concept Art Contest #9: Theme Poll

    Welcome guys, Once again we're off to the theme selection poll. Robotic scenesCanvas depicting a machine society(kind of like Matrix etc) at its normal daily pace. AquaticBeings adequate to live underwater, various species made from your own imagination. GolemsConstructs made for various tasks...
  2. Astaroth Zion

    Techtree Contest #11: Theme Poll

    STATUS: Poll Closed (ended 27-June-2016) Instructions: you need to cast at least 2 votes on this poll. First one to define the type of Techtree contest that we should have (Paired or Solo), and the next one to vote for one or more themes that you would like to participate with. After poll...
  3. Heinvers

    Texturing Contest #25 Theme Poll

    Once more we're here to pour and drink some themes with a clear head(if possible). Here are the chosen ones at your disposal: Steampunk - is a sub-genre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered...