the frozen throne

  1. Josuke Fuyuhito V1

    Josuke Fuyuhito V1

    Just an edit I made to Kwaliti's Arthas model, decided to change Arthas's hair color to black. NOTE: This is not the final version, just testing so feel free to criticize.
  2. Graesholt

    [Campaign] Reforging the Classic Campaign

    Hey everyone! I recently did some work extracting models from Reforged and tried my hand at some simple models edits using Retera’s Model Studio. That turned out to be an absolute blast. It got me thinking what I would personally have wanted from a Reforged campaign, which is basically the...
  3. Yogi-Sothoth

    WC3 Re-Reforged

    This project is to provide the campaign blizzard didn't and probably wouldn't have provided in the first place. An edited flesh WC3 campaign experience that redesigns the levels and adds some new lore to line up with World of Warcraft. What is going into project for sure Every map of the WC3...
  4. LordHatchet95

    Graphic Bug on TFT Startup

    Pretty much the image's self explainatory, but can't skip all the details. Works OK in-game, works OK the rest of the tools, accepts mods, but I find that the main menu BG doing that could mean some huge issue about a graphical component, either driver, mdl/mdx/txt/all-the-above file associated...
  5. ashkyn

    Are there any edited RoC/TFT campaigns with stronger heroes?

    Basically, the title - are there any edited versions of the original campaigns that feature stronger heroes in some way? Uncapped levels, more items etc. I've had a look and there is just so many maps to wade through and google is singularly unhelpful in this context. Thanks in advance!