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  1. Cinders (Contest Entry)

    Cinders (Contest Entry)

  2. nightelfbuilder

    My Terrain Art

    I'm going to post Photos of my terrains here since well they are just going to be buried in the Media section. Enjoy! Terrains GIF Pictures A link to my Album: Terrains | HIVE A link to my Playable Terrains: Template | HIVE Have Fun! P.S "I really...
  3. Frigid Fray (Angle 2)

    Frigid Fray (Angle 2)

  4. Frigid Fray

    Frigid Fray

  5. Infernal Manor (Angle 2)

    Infernal Manor (Angle 2)

    Practice Terrain
  6. Infernal Manor

    Infernal Manor

    A practice terrain for future contests.
  7. Cinders (Contest Entry A2)

    Cinders (Contest Entry A2)

    Angle 2
  8. nightelfbuilder


    So currently i'm making a template for undercity and i want to know your opinions about my template The map is not finished yet but still i want to know your opinions and suggestion on how to improve or build this map further. ;) I also need ground texture that will...
  9. PrinceYaser

    Moon View

    Just another terrain... Comments and crits would be appreciated of course.
  10. PrinceYaser


    Hello, guys! Another nature terraining of my gallery. I hope you like!:p
  11. PrinceYaser

    The Beauty of Sunset

    Sunset.... In my opinion, sunset is the best occurrence in nature! What about you?