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  1. Wolf, Scavenger, and Bloodfly

    Wolf, Scavenger, and Bloodfly

    Animals and Monsters from Gothic 1, as seen in my SC:BW mod that turns Gothic into a real time strategy game.
  2. Swamp Camp Units

    Swamp Camp Units

    Units of the Sect Camp from Gothic 1, in RTS form (StarCraft: Broodwar Mod).
  3. Deimos231297

    Phodom's Icon Request

    Does someone know where to find the icon used for Phodom in Aeroblyctos' "The Chosen Ones" Campaign? I can't find it anywhere and I need it!
  4. Warcraft III - The Order of the Light XIII - YouTube

    Warcraft III - The Order of the Light XIII - YouTube

    A cinematic for a campaign I made. It´s laggy, because of my 2$ laptop.
  5. BrothForMyPeople

    Bald Hammerer/Warrior Priest

    I need paladin-like guy with hammer and - important - he must be bald. I remember there was model like this in Hiveworkshop, but I can't find it now.