1. Amigoltu

    [Spoilers GoT] Battle of Winterfell Tactics

    Greetings everyone. This may be sort of a strange post, but, maybe, someone will find it interesting. And, of course, I get to vent my frustration and express my thoughts, so here goes... So, the Battle of Winterfell... While it definitely had it's moments, personally, I was just blown away by...
  2. Jamir

    [Campaign] Tactics Unleashed Remake

    This is the v0.94 of the campaign. Works with 1.26 - 1.30. It has a crash on 1.31 but still playable to completion. The crash happens when you ope a dialog box (pressing ESC) in a battle. You can view the tutorial images on how to play from my media here: TU Screenshots | HIVE Completion...
  3. Vegavak

    [AOS] Tactics: Kingdom

    Top 12 player aos style map (8-12 players recommended) (160 x 160 playable, 192 x 192 actual; Large Map) current map size: 1.19mb (down from 1.39mb) minimap is currently hidden progress: 70%±5% recoding/reworking alpha Author's Notes CAUTION: LINKS CURRENTLY DO NOT WORK. (SCROLL DOWN) Basic...