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  1. ProfessorBright

    Cinematics out of sync

    Hi! First post here guys :), looked around the forums but couldn't find any good info on the matter. I'm making a multiplayer game that involves cinematics, so far so good. When I started making the map I used waits to sync dialouges and actions along with the audio files. That worked okay...
  2. HerlySQR

    How can I directly get synced data?

    Hello, I'm trying something like this: local data = nil local t = CreateTrigger() ForForce(GetPlayersAll(), function () BlzTriggerRegisterPlayerSyncEvent(t, GetEnumPlayer(), "focus", false) end) TriggerAddAction(t, function () data = BlzGetTriggerSyncData() end) ---@param p any...
  3. Varcklen

    Players have different meanings in variables. How do I sync?

    Hey. I am creating a Save / Load system without using these commands (automatic loading of the save). I have a problem. It so happens that when I make a preload for the players, after decrypting the code, each player gets his own values. I tested with a friend. In my save the parameter "level"...
  4. Cheshire

    [Solved] attack animation - doesn't match sound

    hey, I'm having this issue with a custom model that the attack animation happens way before you hear the attack sound. how can I fix this? are there fields in the OE that deal with this, or would it help to switch the model onto a different base unit? thanks!