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  1. I_IntegraL


    please help, I can’t synchronize the line that I extracted from a file using the Preloader function using BlzSetAbilityTooltip. Here is my code - and it kicks players out of the game I beg you to give or show a normal example of solving the problem, written in JASS. I don't work with LUA (((
  2. HerlySQR

    How can I directly get synced data?

    Hello, I'm trying something like this: local data = nil local t = CreateTrigger() ForForce(GetPlayersAll(), function () BlzTriggerRegisterPlayerSyncEvent(t, GetEnumPlayer(), "focus", false) end) TriggerAddAction(t, function () data = BlzGetTriggerSyncData() end) ---@param p any...
  3. Varcklen

    Players have different meanings in variables. How do I sync?

    Hey. I am creating a Save / Load system without using these commands (automatic loading of the save). I have a problem. It so happens that when I make a preload for the players, after decrypting the code, each player gets his own values. I tested with a friend. In my save the parameter "level"...
  4. Macadamia

    [Requires investigation] The easiest method to synchronize Z values...

    Hello dear community ! Reading about the issues caused by the asynchronous Z values returned by the different related native, I have found a workaround, with the feedback of @crunch. The idea is really simple : the issue with the Z values is that the natives to get them can potentially return...
  5. Bloodheaven_

    [Solved] Can we sync local values from 1 Player to every other and how?

    Hey there, I'm currently experiencing desyncs in my map. I mostly think that they are caused by functions like these ones: Test Events Player - Player 1 (Red) issues Mouse Down event Conditions Actions -------- Example 1 -------- Set VariableSet Temp_Point...
  6. Daethz

    What causes Multiplayer Desyncs?

    Tons of people are having de-sync problems with my game, LoaP Ascension. I have gone through the triggers, fixed countless leaks, improved countless triggers to work cleaner and more efficiently, Just this month I removed like 50 useless 0.01 second wait timers pruning them from all triggers in...