summoned unit

  1. Loogris

    [Solved] Permanent corpses and endless beatles

    Basically, I'm trying to create a Necromancer-style class, but with massive zombie armies. I have modified Corpse Beetle spell to create zombies, that was easy. But I can't seem to get it's summon limit past 24. There doesn't seem to be any sort of Game Constant attached to it either. Is there a...
  2. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Checking for any new unit

    Hey. To get it out of the way right at the start, you can hit me with JASS scripts too, I understand and use them just fine. Looking for a way to detect any freshly spawned unit, including trained units, trigger-spawned units, summoned units. Basically everything. This is the reason I feel the...
  3. LordIron

    [Spell] Summoning hostile units

    Hi, could someone please help me debugging this: The intention is to utilise a summoning spell to spawn random hostile creeps. Or is there an alternative way?
  4. RayzerCalitri

    [Spell] Carrion Beetle ability using a unit with Reincarnation as the summon

    Hello HIVE folks, I'm working on a custom ability for a Necromancer unit (not Hero ability even tho it's based on one) which creates a single permanent undead unit until slain, the thing is it has a Reincarnation ability, and with it, I can create an unlimited amount of these Undead units from...
  5. realnicolbolas

    How to create a specific corpse summon based spell

    Hello, i need help with figuring out how to create a specific spell in the world editor. This spell is an ultimate for a Hero/Champion i'm currently working on that would basically function as Summons a set amount of units, and then summons additional units from each corpse nearby Iv'e tried...
  6. FutureWolf4

    [Trigger] Custom Summoning Spell - Summoned Units Don't Last Forever [Solved]

    Hello, I have a problem regarding a custom spell I made for a hero (Gnoll Chieftain) called "Gnoll Patrol". The spell in question summons different Gnoll-Type units that last forever to fight alongside the Gnoll Chieftain. In order to make the spell summon different units, I made the main...
  7. Chaos Omega

    Summoned units custom color

    I recently found out that summoned units such as spirit wolf, water elemental, infernal and units from dark portal appears only in the summoners OWNER color even if the units themselves have custom color option. Is there a way to change it, for example with a trigger ? I tried messing with...