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  1. TwoLeft

    Bug: Manabar stuck to screen

    Rarely when my map starts a manabar becomes stuck to the screen/camera, as shown in the attached file. Restarting the map usually fixes this. Anyone any idea why this happens? I got a lot of triggers firing at the start, preloading, hiding and moving things around. I guess it has...
  2. CeyhunRyZ

    I can't solve that problem

    Hi ,first sorry for my bad english. I made a model called High Elven Swordsman. Everything is well in model editor but when i test that model in game original non-edited parts are in model, my new parts are stuck in center of map. My model's head, shield and helmet is stuck in center of map...
  3. Kowalzky

    Cant progress anymore

    So, after i get the moon key and i destroy the cube that's behind the gate, i go to to the giant gate that should open now but it doesnt. Am i missing something? I'm soloing with naga btw
  4. TPE.YelloW

    Found a Bug in game

    Hey i found a interesting bug, but i cant find the way to tell blizzard about it. Does anybody know how to report bugs? Well, my bad i checked replay of that game it has nothing to do with dreadlord or silence(i dont watch my hero very often), for some reason in that game my dark ranger hero...