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  1. =Junpei=

    Trees stop respawn when in building help

    So, I have a simple trigger that makes the tree respawn when destroyed/chopped down. Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds Conditions Actions Destructible - Pick every destructible in (Playable map area) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
  2. Unable to comply, building in progress

    Unable to comply, building in progress

  3. Ruvven

    Structure Costs Items To Build?

    Hello there everybody! Thanks for checking in :) I have been working on a map inspired by survival minecraft with alot of randomness, i want to be able to "chop a tree" and get wood, this part i have down pretty well, so the interesting part here is the fact that i cant for the love of god...
  4. Dejavwho

    [Solved] reforged: Altar Base

    I just want the human altar without the statue and columns. can someone do it?
  5. Mathayis

    Wooden walls?

    Hey there! Two requests in one day it seems XD I just realized I'm in need of some good quality wooden interior walls for housing, hotels and shops in my Map. While there are some good ones already here on this site, just looking for something a little more high quality XD If anyone knows...
  6. ScourgeWarchief

    Birth Animation Integration

    Hey guys i'm working on a custom map and trying to make my buildings use a custom birth as a sfx, setting a time trigger to remove it. i was wondering if there is a way to remove the birth effect when the building is completed instead? (when i use warpten cheat for example it would detect the...
  7. matin45

    A Problem

    I want to remove these rocky ground below buildings. How?
  8. BradPittlord

    Building Problems

    Trying to get a building to cast Big Bad Voodoo, which also targets Structures but for some reason when I use it the buff and effect flickers on and off every second. Trying to get a building to use pendent of energy using the Hero Inventory ability, works fine but when you upgrade the building...
  9. Darklycan51

    Need just the chains from the Arcane Sanctum model

    I'm looking for chains alone so I can do a floating structure type of deal with doodads, would appreciate if someone helped me with removing the rest from the model
  10. Dalaran Entrance

    Dalaran Entrance

    Developing Dalaran-themed Fortifications