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  1. HerlySQR

    Question about allocate and deallocate

    I see some people tried make this own allocators and deallocators to recycling structs, but doesn't the JassHelper already recycle them? Is something that still happening and there is something wrong with using that default functions (something strange because in that case the creator would have...
  2. DarkMatterShark

    [vJASS] Issue with data retrieval from an object

    My problem is that when I set a variable like set udg_MaxLevel = UnitData[udg_UnitID].maxLevel it sets udg_MaxLevel to 0 when it should set it to 5. library UnitCustoms struct UnitTypeData integer unitTypeID integer experience integer maxLevel integer...
  3. JC Helas

    [vJASS] I Use Struct for Indexing

    I need your suggestion and thoughts if this kind of indexing is not bad. probably I have to privatize the struct because they might have the same name of the others. should I prefixed my structs? is there a way to use a private struct? library thunder initializer init/*By JC Helas*/ globals...
  4. The_Spellweaver

    [Solved] Wurst: Possible to manually destroy class instances?

    I'm coming from vJass and started to learn some wurstscript because it seemed handy at first. Its syntax is alluring, but very punishing and my bum is hurting already, and errors are very misleading but I'm getting used to it. So I've used to just call .destroy() on structs but here I can't do...
  5. MyPad

    Structs (A rough crash course)

    Introduction to Structs (Part I) (By MyPad) Hello reader. By having clicked this link here, I assume that you want to learn structs, right? Yes, you do, and what a wordy tutorial this would be. What we'll need to have is (either): 1. JNGP or 2. Sharpcraft WEX (for...