1. hellboy3600

    WC3 streams

    Guys what stream do u watch? My #1 is zoomsf, guy who played iccup as much as lived in this universe. He is the one of us, wc3 warriors, who was there in far 2009-2013 and played ranked, played customs at all. I don't play in wc3 long time yet, but sometimes, at...
  2. W

    Question: The video makers cum streamers of WarCraft 3: Reforged

    Any reliable and loyal WC3R video maker or streamer w/ the acumen who the people can watch? Extra: Prolly SC2's video creator as well.
  3. 1)ark_NiTe

    Gameplay by wtiiwarcraft (3.1.3)

    Full gameplay by wtiiwarcraft on YouTube It's really great to see people still playing this game. From what I can tell the lobby is mostly full of first timers which makes the video even more of a treat for me. I always enjoy seeing people working their way through the game and figuring things...
  4. stonneash

    Live Stream Icon creation

    So, while I'm working on my Icons' who wore it better (link in my signature), I decided that it would be fun to get a stream of me making those icons. I'm setting up OBS with my youtube channel and here is the link for the stream: Photoshop - Icon Recreation - YouTube
  5. DeathGho

    New Warcraft 3 Streamer!

    Hello! If you would do me a small favour and check me out over at Twitch, that would mean a lot to me! I tend to stream daily for up to 12-14hrs. Mainly streaming custom games like TD maps and Strategy maps like Broken Alliances. Hopefully you can check me out and maybe if you enjoy my content...