1. BotLoot

    Spellcraft Remastered 6.07 - Looking for Final Build Testers, Quality Assurance, Player Opinions

    EDIT2: Topic is mostly obsolete now. (1.Nov.2018) Hi, looking for people that would play and write something about (what you like or don´t like), This (clicky) map. Its a very unique project and it should be finally completed. I want to hear about bugs (if there are any left) balance, opinions...
  2. BotLoot

    Help with new spell/ability Ideas for (Spellcraft Remastered)

    Hi we have got a map that allows 1 hero to pick among 170 spells and swap them in game on the run. Im asking for advice and ideas for new spells/abilities based on following criteria: Spell 1 Single Target Damage: Combo: Energy, Energy, X-Materia (Consider it even more energy) Additional...