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spell change

  1. thong0103

    [Spell] Help with Rain of Chaos Spell

    I try to change the Rain of Chaos spell to just do damage and stun. I changed the inferno spell to only deal damage and stun but when my unit cast Rain of Chaos it deal no damage and doesn't stun.
  2. Ahimtar

    [Spell] In my lightning-based spell, source target can't be moved for some reason

    Hello, I'm making a spell for my hero arena (Icecrown Arena, work in progress), where a hero gets bound onto an enemy for a few seconds, keeping him in a 550 distance with the enemy. I've based the spell on a Channel and triggered it and it all seems to work, except for moving the lightning...
  3. SharSash

    [Spell] Changing spells in Bear-form but keeping their cooldowns

    Hi. I have read several threads considering this topic but haven't find a solution yet (or just me being me and couldn't get thigs right). Now I'll try to make clear what I mean. So I want hero to have one set of spells in elf-form and another one in bear-form and they should have separated...