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  1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Defense / Survival] Dreadlord Hero Defense

    Hello dear HIVE, this is my first try at a Castle Defense, the map's called Defensa de la Ciudadela / Defense of the Citadel as a WIP name bc i tried to create a simple castle defense to play with my brother, the map is currently in spanish and was made in 1.27b version, I do have Reforged but I...
  2. crafo

    Patch 1.31.1 Spanish

    Here patch 1.31.1 spanish backup files Replace folder in: Warcraft III\Data\data with this folder and apply log file I don't know if it can cause errors but it has worked for me
  3. Baloric village 2

    Baloric village 2

    Baloric provincial views. Info: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/republic-of-balor.333357/
  4. Baloric village

    Baloric village

    Baloric provincial views. Info: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/republic-of-balor.333357/
  5. Baloric windmills

    Baloric windmills

    Baloric provincial views. Info: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/republic-of-balor.333357/
  6. Ahega0

    Need Help (Lenguage Map Editor=

    How can I add a language modifier for when someone opens wc3 Spanish, the map has Spanish language and when I open wc3 English, the map is in English. I am creating maps with custom units and items and I want to put descriptions of both languages, but that only show according to the language of...
  7. deepstrasz

    Humanitarian effort of 2020

    Man Returned Home From Wuhan but His Family Locked Him In The House With Wooden Barricade lesson learned from
  8. Spanish warrior wip

    Spanish warrior wip

    Early phase
  9. Spanish arcabucero

    Spanish arcabucero

    Early dev phase of a spanish arquebusier.
  10. Spanish conquistador face n. 2

    Spanish conquistador face n. 2

    Striving to make more conquistador-looking visages.
  11. Spanish rapier WIP

    Spanish rapier WIP

    Very schematic reproduction of an espada ropera handle.
  12. Spanish foot soldier WIP

    Spanish foot soldier WIP

  13. Spanish helmet n. 2

    Spanish helmet n. 2

    This one is a spanish, improved version of the ancient roman legionnaire helmet.
  14. Spanish helmet n.1 - Casco Morion

    Spanish helmet n.1 - Casco Morion

  15. [concept] Spanish infantry

    [concept] Spanish infantry

    Next in line after the bandit, the round-shieldsmen (rodeleros) and pikemen (piqueros) of the spanish regular army will come. This typical, iconic "conquistador-like" outfit was adopted near the end of the 16th century.
  16. Tigrick

    Looking for EXISTING model. Reward for finder. (Daemon model from spanish map)

    Hello guys, I am looking for this demon model: It can be seen in these (spanish) videos: the poster on utube is called arconte saurio. He does not reply to comments so far. In the map, the unit with this model is called: Destajador cruel HELP me find this model on the internet, plz! I...