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sound effect

  1. Dord96

    arcane explosion sound effect

    hello i want to creat the spell arcane explosion like in wow using this spell effect but it hase no sound effect and i dount know where to get it so it sounds like in wow or something simeler pleass help
  2. jayjayduque

    Help for random sounds played when using spells.

    Hello, I wanted to create a spell that makes random sound quotes when it's being cast, but I don't know how to setup the trigger or the variables. I know a little about building triggers but when it comes to the variables, I'm kind of a newb.
  3. Eric Matyas

    2000+ Free Music and Sound Effects Tracks for Your Games

    Hi Everyone, This week’s new free music tracks are: On my Fantasy 12 page: “FLIGHTS OF FANTASY” Fantasy 12 | Soundimage.org On my Puzzle Music 6 page: “DANCE OF THE SNOWFLAKES” Puzzle Music 6 | Soundimage.org And on my Sci-Fi 10 page: “FUTURE CLOCK CHIME” Sci-Fi 10 | Soundimage.org...
  4. Rykon-V73

    Help with sound effects and also...

    ...yes, I noticed some models have different sound effects, such as the spirit bomb using a different sound effect when the bomb hits an enemy. How can I do that? Also, Devalut told me that even if I changed all textures for FarseerMissile_Fel, the death pulse is still blue. Where is that...