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  1. Amigoltu

    Goods, services, games and law

    Rather interesting, this video I watched recently: Interesting comments under it, as well. Got me thinking about some video I've watched a few years ago about software purchases and "games as a service". Definitions: Goods - tangible items/objects, that you can purchase. Services -...
  2. W

    Question: Programming sites and softwares, about the games

    Any reliable programming learning websites beside the w3schools (w3schools.com) and the official Microsoft Visual Studio website pages? Prolly the game programming as well. Personally, I found there are Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Simple DirectMedia Layer, (SDL...
  3. dreambeliever

    Automatic scheduling system

    Looking for a tool to make scheduling audit easy and safe. I was just thinking if this could be flexible enough to work for a large group effectively. How does automatic scheduling system work? Please let us know if you have the idea about a software or a tool related to what we need.
  4. Verdun

    Exporting from Gmax: YAGG doing horrible things

    Okay, just being a bit melodramatic here to "grab" your attention... (terrible pun please help anyway) I installed gmax on a new computer, and it works as well as ever, except when I print to listender and then use YAGG to grab the text, now it will always say: "3ds Max/Gmax appears to be...
  5. AquaFire

    An mca64launcher for Warcraft? (Opening Ports for Public Internet)

    Hi Everyone, I am a college student in a University, and I am aware that most of these universities do not promote opening certain ports, so configuring them would be nigh impossible. I am wondering if there was an existing type of launcher software that would automatically open the ports while...