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  1. Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Found in the snowy mountain of Storm Peaks in Northrend, ice or frost giants are immense humanoids serving the titans. They are intelligent and reasonable beings who sometimes even ally with other non-giants if they share a common goal.
  2. Decoration snow Doodads. It could be useful?

    Decoration snow Doodads. It could be useful?

    Snow Doodads
  3. Izzetin

    [SD/Modeling] Simple Request: Snow(Pile)

    Hello! Atm im working on a Winter/Snow-Themed RPG map, and even though i got all my doodads and Units together it felt weird setting up a Village or Town in a Frozen Area without putting Snow/Snowpiles ON TOP of my Buildings/Doodads So i thought of a very simple request: can someone just...
  4. DarknessFalls003


    Just want to ask if someone can do me a simple reskin. In Icecrown terrain I need the Natural Cliff to have the texture of Remains Scorched. Along with the "Snow" Tile. So the result would be a wall of bodies and a floor of bodies.
  5. SentryTurret Terrain WIP

    SentryTurret Terrain WIP

    Really can't seem to make fog behave the way I want it to. But hey, that's what Photoshop's for. Even though I'm calling this a wip, the final image is actually sorta done : p
  6. Retera


    The Northpact is one of the Heaven's Fall races, and a current work in progress. I created the models and assets for it, with the theme in mind of a band of Tuskarr and Northrend snow creatures working together for survival. There's more to it than that in the Heaven's Fall storyline, but that's...