1. Thiiago

    Just an simples Mountain King with Crossbow in attack animation.

    I need just a Mountain King with an crossbow and animation of attack with an crossbow, dont need the same in "avatar" form.. i dont use "avatar form" in my map.. Someone can help-me please? ;-;
  2. Vaduliu

    Elven Mana Burn Request

    I need a High/Blood Elf version of the icon of the ability Mana Burn of the Demon Hunter
  3. Thiiago

    Archer in Watcher, simple UV-maps

    I just need an "Night Elf Watcher" model, with the "Night Elf Archer" revisted with texture or skin :/ ps: dont worry with helmet I'll remove it later.. I just need help with the "UV-maps" because i dont know how use her correct. Can help-me please?