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simple edit

  1. Homor

    [SD/Modeling] Butcher to regular Overlord edit

    Hey, I need some help with a project I'm working on. Dionesiist, back in the day, made an awesome Butcher model. Now I need a regular Overlord (from Diablo 1) and this model would be perfect if someone could edit off the apron, chains and cleaver. Can someone help? Resources below:
  2. Ilya Alaric

    Edited and changed work of Ujimasa hojo by Ilya Alaric

    Hi guys! As you could rode in title, this thread will contain my edits of work of mr. Hojo, but I will be more than happier seen yours edits or fixs, even my edited and fixed work. Fortunetely, Mr. Hojo himself said, that people are free to edit his models here. Soooo, I guess we are okay, are...
  3. Cheshire

    simple model edit

    hey all, looking for someone to edit this awesome icetroll worker model by @eubz (who already gave his permission) in the following way - 1. make him constantly have the goldbag animation (it's for a greed themed hero) 2. get rid of the pickaxe and give him some sort of dagger that makes...
  4. TheFireMage

    Knight Missile for Stampede

    Missile Edit Description: I have a unit that uses Stampede as his ultimate but he's a human knight so I wanted to change the lizard missile model to knight but the problem is that the knight is making dead sound as they reach the end of area of effect. Also knight model is not moving. Resource...
  5. TheAyalalalalon


    Hello there, I was searching for it but it seems I could not find it I am needing a simple SLOTMACHINE model for map which has a minigame where when get eliminated you are given the option to bet on who one thinks will win The model does not need any animation, it just works as a "shop"...
  6. SalmaHorma555

    Need to know who create this Scarlet Crusade Knight skin

    I got this skin from Legend of Arkain Second Orc Book by Shar Dundred, the scarlet crusade version of wojia10502's knight. I would like to edit to be team color version, so I could ask the owner for permission and post it on Hive's 2D Manipulation Workshop, thanks.
  7. Bascinet Knights

    Bascinet Knights

  8. Bascinet Knight Herrdave

    Bascinet Knight Herrdave

  9. Nicoo.rv014

    simple tirion model request

    Hello, I am sorry for my poor English and I hope you understand my application. I'm working on a project about a year ago I am creating a complete azeroth map using the amazing hive models. But to finish it I need a simple tyrion model that suits the game. I tried to create it on my own but I...
  10. Paillan

    Various things with Witch doctor

    Hello everyone! This request should be somewhat easy. I say somewhat because half the work is done. The requests are as follows: A) Add hero glow to the witch doctor unit (I tried and sucked at it) B) Add hero glow to the uploaded model and make the blade visible ingame (for some reason it...