1. Yours Truly

    [General] Abilities that bypass Silence.

    Are there any?
  2. Kyrbi0

    [General] What Is "Special"? (Silence, Drunken Haze, etc)

    I swear, guys, I even Searched first to make sure. No one seems to have any idea what this does; couldn't even really find any conversation about it. :< ~~~ There are three abilities in the World Editor, Silence, Drunken Haze & Cloud, which are mostly identical except for how they used (the...
  3. Yours Truly

    Casting Silence on Self?

    Hello. So,I tried to create defend ability,which you take less damage but cannot attack/cast spell. I gave the caster silence spell with "Targets Allowed - Self" because if I make a dummy casting the same spell with "Targets Allowed - Friend", units close to the defend caster will get silenced...
  4. mohamy

    [Spell] Cast in all time

    hello guys. any body know the world editor has a spell to cast while silence bash or hex? does is exist?