1. Testing Side Quests in "Fourberie: Westfall Story"

    Testing Side Quests in "Fourberie: Westfall Story"

    Testing gameplay (side quests) in current dev version of current WC3:Reforged project - "Fourberie: Westfall Story".
  2. Adventurer Defeats First Beast

    Adventurer Defeats First Beast

    Small video, showcasing special effect, when player defeats his first animal enemy.And yes - that tweaks their loot table!
  3. LordHatchet95

    Small showcase of an abandoned RPG project

    Hey everyone, LordHatchet95 here, and I was doing a lot of work on a map. Sadly, its hard to work with no time, and also for other reasons I've stopped working at it... I've been doing a scenario with Ultimate Terraining map 3.0 a long time ago, but due to, well... Blizzard not being Blizzard...
  4. LordHatchet95

    Showcase: Marshlands Orc Encampments...

    The orcs have always been quite adaptative towards hostile environments of many sorts. The damp, putrid, large Marshlands were no exception. Having enough ground, they can build firmly their settlement. Before: After: Above all, their commander can oversee how the settlement thrives. Before...
  5. Fang

    My Terrain Album

    [NEWEST TERRAIN] Description I put my terrain screenshots here, I'm not a good terrainer myself but you can see my progress of becoming a pro as time pass. I will upload more screenshots soon enough 3 months after knowing Warcraft Kyrul Kindom After 5 years hiatus on modding. So that'll be...
  6. Kristopher

    Kristopher's terrain showcase

    Unplayable Terrains Playable Terrains
  7. The Leader

    Just an art thread

    Introduction: I decided to post here all my drawings, to share them with you, to discuss about them and to receive feedback. That's an important thing that would help me to improve my drawing skill. And also it would be interesting for you to watch something new. Thank you very much for your...
  8. PrinceYaser

    My Terraining Showcase

    Hello guys and terrainers! Wanted to share my terraining pictures to get your opinions and suggestions to improve my terraining skills. I hope you like them.