1. Arcanist Kalandra Ashwalker

    Arcanist Kalandra Ashwalker

    One of the new characters from Exodus 2. Kalandra is expert arcanist, scholar and pioneer at research of alien world of Jiluun. By creating means to sustain magic addiction of Elves of the Enclave by energies of the planet, Kalandra became the first Fein'Dorei. Collab with @Stefan.K
  2. Forsaken Riverbank 2

    Forsaken Riverbank 2

    Ruined citadel of mysterious Jiluuni race, suspected to be logistics hub. Enclave excavated this site couple years ago, but found nothing of particular value.
  3. Forsaken Riverbank 1

    Forsaken Riverbank 1

    Former archeological site known as The Forsaken Riverbank, located in the southern territory of the Crater. Cleansed and controlled by the Enclave. Dwarves of the Enclave built one of the main roads here, linking their border fortress of Southhammer, with capital of the Enclave - the Loinpolis.
  4. Homor

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Necromancer 2: Beta Build!

    Just (barely) in time for Halloween! Some of you may remember the test build I released a while back. Well now, I'm proud to announce that The Necromancer 2 is finally in a playable state and ready to be unleashed! A giant map with tons of different factions, enemies, boss battles and loot! Can...
  5. Homor

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Necromancer 2 Test Build

    Some of you might remember my map The Necromancer from way back. I've been working on a sequel for quite some time, and I'm really excited to share the pre-alpha with you. It's a simple test build that lets you and as many as three other players stomp around an arena filled with enemies. What I...
  6. tyci

    [Cinematic] Throne of Azora: The Beginning

    -Tyci Presents- Map Info: In the kingdom of Azora there lived Ethan Longdarion, a boy whose dream was to join the army and win wars. Shortly after signing up, his dreams are ratified by the true horrors of war. All is not dark however, as Ethan finds a few companions with whom...