1. Lordliw

    JASS AI Attacking Enemy Base

    Hello. I wonder if I can make my AI attack every building. When I put SuicideOnEnemyEx(), they aim to destroy the town hall and once it's destroyed they stop and don't attack any further. Is there a way I can change it so they aim for the whole base and not just the town hall? Thanks in fowards...
  2. Lordliw

    JASS AI Base Scripting

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can make the AI destroy all enemy buildings. Because when I put SuicideOnPlayerEx it just gets their town hall and then they stop. Thanks in forward to those that answer.
  3. TastyBamboo

    HQ Pokemon Styled Mini PvP/PvE

    As I terrain, I wanted to make a natural feeling and simple map to serve as a guideline and to capture the vision of the landscape. Later I'll add a more complicated version that includes names, more towns and other primary features. Ready to challenge the Elite Four? The Pokemon League is a...
  4. UUcounterspell

    Question hashtables and arrays

    Hello all script writers sorry I'm noob on this topic. I think that hashtables look similar to arrays of arrays (2d arrays) because 2 indexes are used to recover one value, just like column and row number in a paper table, but they have different names and people write that hashtables hold a...
  5. ArieZ13th

    GetIssuedOrderIdBJ() Problem

    Good day! For a long time i had one epic (for me) trouble in map-making: I use "OrderId2StringBJ(GetIssuedOrderIdBJ())". In game it works normal if you start a new game, but if you load saved game this function return empty string. I use v1.26, but don't see fix of this truble in new patches...