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script generation

  1. HerlySQR

    [Lua] Control the order of the scripts

    Hello, I create this thread to discuss a thing that bothers me a lot, you know that all the custom scripts are placed in a unique file war3map.lua, the problem is, we can't control the order in where they will be placed, and this matters since we have libraries that requires other libraries are...
  2. Drulia

    cJass2Lua - Powerfull cJass converter

    Warcraft III Reforged brought us lua scripting, but still a lot of map makers for WC3 are using cJass. Just because C-style syntax rules. Unfortunately cJass extension is unsupported for Reforged and who knows how it will be. Lua is more efficient, useful and simple for game development. But a...
  3. SpiritTauren

    [save] Generating map script duration/optimization?

    Hey, maybe it's just me being blind: I didn't find a dedicated thread. Since the latest patch, saving map takes forever for me, stuck at generating map script. Somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. I don't have that many triggers at the moment: +-1000, but I fear that over time I might face even...