1. BrazilEmperor

    My Map - Suggestions

    I'm creating a map based on the traditional style (Melee), however, on my map it will have only two factions, and I wonder if a map with 4 heroes on each side and an average of 3 units per building could impress players ... however, I need some suggestions about this ... for example: 6 heroes...
  2. BrazilEmperor

    Golden Staff :)

    Hello, my brothers! Could anyone recommend me some model of holy staff? a staff of bishop, priest or related to sacred magic, preferably of gold color ... Thank you!
  3. Elf_Lord

    Chasing the Dawn - Abbendis

    Hey, all! It's me, that on-again, off-again mapmaker who's been trying to make a campaign for like a year and a half (check out my signature). Since I've been unsure if I'll be able to finish it, I've been hesitant to make a request for models/textures because of the amount of effort required to...