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save load multiplayer

  1. ravellani

    [General] A few questions about Codeless Save Load

    I am planning to use the Codeless Save Load system in the future and I had a few questions. I have not really experimented with it yet. 1. I have seen the basic example map that the system comes with and I dont know how the save trigger chooses the players hero? Is that function somewhere in...
  2. Nazujin

    Save Load Map

    Hello, Anyone have a save / load code or map with that code implemented that works for MULTIplayer to save MULTIPLE units? i already tryed codeless save load... its not what i want... i need something like monster master code... Thanks
  3. JohnnyNeff

    World Editor - Line Tower Wars "Online Ranking System" Coding?

    Hello! I was playing Line Tower Wars and noticed they had a cool custom ranking system. This ranking system would save win/loss/score progress and reload it, when playing against other users on Battle.Net, making the game more competitive and seeing where you stack up amongst your peers. I was...