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  1. For Fatherland!

    For Fatherland!

  2. Luashine

    [Mapping] How to save maps in localized Warcraft 3 ROC v1.00 (Code error message)

    Russian for search results: Как сохранить карту в русской локализации Варкрафт 3 Reign of Chaos v1.00 (Ошибка с кодом) Earlier I stumbled upon this bug that prevented me from saving an empty map in Reign of Chaos v1.00 as it came off CD. I didn't know what the issue was and gave up. Today I hit...
  3. Austin-Kegresse


    WW1 Russian armored car
  4. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Call of the Swarm

    Call of the Swarm Overview "Campaign inspired by the official Blizzard Entertainment campaign - Founding of Durotar. Missions are presented in the form of "acts" and "subzones". At the moment, Act 1 is ready." Patch Issues: Story The story dates back to the creation of a single Black...
  5. Jeff91

    Eastern 'Slavic' models ?

    Are there any models for Wc3 that have this eastern european style to them similar to the ones to AOE2 (although any Eastern European Architecture buildings could do.) Closest I could get were Fingolfin Celtic buildings.
  6. DeathGho

    New Warcraft 3 Streamer!

    Hello! If you would do me a small favour and check me out over at Twitch, that would mean a lot to me! I tend to stream daily for up to 12-14hrs. Mainly streaming custom games like TD maps and Strategy maps like Broken Alliances. Hopefully you can check me out and maybe if you enjoy my content...
  7. Putilov 107mm M1910

    Putilov 107mm M1910

    A reproduction of the russian field cannon, produced during the years that immediately predated the start of WW1 in the Putilov-Schneider factory of St. Petersburg. The Revolution of February in 1917 was sparked in this very factory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirov_Plant