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  1. Wlarius

    Walk/run animations in cutscenes

    I need help figuring out how to have a unit walk to the next region instead of the default running. Many cutscenes do this, but the "walk" animation is not listed when viewing a model in WE. There is only one walk animation for units (apart from morph units), and it is the default running. I...
  2. Blikunman

    [Help] Calling a GUI Trigger from Jass

    Would it be possible in this code to make it run / stop a GUI Trigger, instead of printing text? if (cs == true) then call BJDebugMsg("Shit active") else call BJDebugMsg("Shit unactive") endif endif thanks, im a jass newbie!
  3. jonass24

    Enemies run away, when they start loosing

    Hi guys, I have a problem in world editor. When I make a map and my units encounter enemies, enemy´s units start to run away, when they start loosing. They run away for few meters, then they turn back, got one hit and they start running again. Do you have any idea how could I solve this...
  4. SoooK

    Trigger execution speed

    Let's say I have two trigger: TriggerA fires every x seconds (by its own event) and runs TriggerB. TriggerB does lot's of stuff. So much stuff, that it's just impossible to fully execute all actions of Trigger B before TriggerA wants to fire again. 1. Does TriggerA just fire before all actions...
  5. Woodenplank

    Forcing unit animation

    Hi Hive I'm making a sort of "motion blur" movement speed ability, and it almost works perfectly. The trigger gives some movement speed abilities and such to the caster, but it also does a loop every 0.20 seconds which creates a transparent clone of the Hero. The clone starts with 60%...
  6. Diegoit

    Running effect (sand, just repeat anim)

    I need a Running effect, i think it is easy cuz u just must repeat the birth anim and make it constant and do a resize. I think will help so many people. Pls help and thanks.
  7. mohamy

    vampire touch

    Here I have a request for spell Vampire touch Unit / Ground target The hero will become enrage and run throw path deal pure damage to enemy unit and heal amount of their maximum health. Need to be walkabe and throw units Not invulnerable in run Bloody effect on enemy Need help. Note : need it...
  8. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Can anybody tell me how this crashes Wc3?

    Target = Integer to determine which enemy is selected TargetMax = Max of Target IfAttack/Skill/ItemTime = Just un-necessary booleans EnemyIsEmpty = If enemy slot is empty EnemyIsDead = Its what it is Trigger Battle ActionsUpdateTarget = Contains variables that set TargetedEnemy to Target...