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  1. Water   Ruins

    Water Ruins

  2. Ruins


  3. sea ruins

    sea ruins

    pics from Enthashara's Tales next ver
  4. Fall in Dalaran Ruins

    Fall in Dalaran Ruins

    A vibrant yet pleasant contrast made with autumn tree skins! Read caption for sources and credits.
  5. Ruins


  6. Ruins


    Another screen from my test map.
  7. Ruins


    another map in this style.
  8. WC3ScrnShot_011120_145119_001


    Ancient Ruins
  9. Voljin

    Night Elf Ruins

    Not entirely sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am building a map based on Blizzard's Azshara zone in WOW and also one of Darnassus and I've noticed that there aren't really any Night Elf buildings in the hive to use. There are a lot of modern NE buildings like ancients and...
  10. Lord Kil'jaeden

    How to create a realistic ruin map [help]

    I was creating a custom campaign, and a map it has has the sunken ruins tileset. Could anyone please instruct me how to create a realistic-looking ruin (surrounded by forest)? Also, how do you create a maze through the forest and ruin? (I have basic knowledge on creating maps).