1. bruunk

    Is there a way to change the direction of special effects attatched to a unit?

    I've been trying to add custom triggers to a basic spell just to change up the look to it, however I'm not having any luck with one particular thing- the angle, or direction, of the spawned special effect. I'm trying to use the Special Effect - Change Pitch/Yaw/Roll functions but no matter...
  2. Ofel

    Special effect orientation with offset

    How to make an effect face an angle with offset to its roll and pitch? For example, an effect's 3D orientation is facing a unit's head, but I want to make it face a little up and a little left of it's current orientation (pitch and roll). And what is the formula to set an effect facing (the...
  3. NightStalker

    Current Animations or a new one?

    Heya!! I've got a very good animated model. So I want a add a roll system into my map which is pretty similar to the one in DS(Dark Souls) series, which would allow the user to avoid incoming attacks. What I need for this is a good roll animation though. In my model there is a jump animation...