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role-playing strategy


    [Tower Defense] Horde Incursion - Alpha 1.0

    LOOPERION's HORDE INCURSION (Alpha 1.0) Survive. Kill. Upgrade. Discover. A tower defense mixed with role-playing. . . . You have been assigned to guard up a forgotten region, where things immediately go downhill. Unravel your story as the game progress, discover secrets and uncover what truly...
  2. Hellborne

    [Strategy / Risk] Battle for Azeroth (WIP)

    Introducing Battle for Azeroth (WIP): A strategy map inspired by Azeroth Wars / Warcraft Legacies, Lordaeron the Foremath & Aftermath and other strategy maps. Introduction: The map is set during the fourth war between the Horde and Alliance. Geographically the map covers most of Azeroth...
  3. XDarks_W3

    A possible project RPS

    Hello, today I present an idea about a possible Warcraft 3 RPS Alpha campaign Possibly it would have a maximum of 20 missions, where events would be developed different from the original Warcraft 3 story. Making such a project requires the help of other experienced users, for the realization of...