1. BossGengar

    N64 Majora's Mask model rips

    Does someone know how to rip n64 (Nintendo 64) models? I'm not going to post these rips, I just need them for reference for some new models i'm making. I need the Majora's Incarnation and Wrath model specifically from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. If someone knows how to do this it would...
  2. firevlad711

    Unclear Rule

    I searched the rules to inform myself about my little problem and I didn't find anything mentioning it? I know it is against the rules to post wow rips. But if I want to make and upload a campaign with a lot of wow rips, will it be a problem? Thanks in advance to anybody who wants to help me.
  3. deepstrasz

    Substandard/Too Simple Models [The Culling]

    There's an ongoing discussion (Models "Substandard/too simple" section is stupid) about former rejected/deleted models that made it to Hive 2.0 in the Substandard/Too Simple section. Thing is, leaving it just to poker chats won't do so, I urge the community to go through the models forums and...