1. Maldiran

    [HD/Modeling] WoW models porting - Tell me what model you want and I will port it!

    Simply write request for me here. I have a lot of experience in porting WoW models - all of them (besides spells).
  2. deepstrasz

    Calculating extents breaks models or at least the editor

    Hey, so I've attached some models in their original and Magos' calculated extents form. The latter crash the editor for some reason and @YourArthas told me they can't be loaded in Mdlvis. Any other programs or means out there to calculate extents so that the models won't suddenly appear on...
  3. Power

    WoW Ripping Tutorial - Creature/

    World of Warcraft Creature Ripping. By Warcraft Underground Staff Team. Difficulty: Easy to Medium. Tools Required : BLP Lab : BLP Lab v0.5.0 Mdlvis : Mdlvis: model edition/creation, animation and UV Mapping Magos : War3 Model Editor Casc Explorer : WoW-Tools/CASCExplorer jm2converter ...
  4. Demon Hunter HD from SC2

    Demon Hunter HD from SC2