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  1. Death Angels - Deathlord Variants

    Death Angels - Deathlord Variants

    Deathlords are the heavy-based melee units from Death Angels duty to the leadership to against the demonic invaders. However, the Deathlords are seemingly heavier than a result of the revenant appearance.
  2. Shar Dundred

    [SD/Modeling] (or texturing) Revenant Models/Skins for specific icons

    The user @Ceterai has created some outstanding Revenant icons - you can find them here. I would be very interested in someone creating proper models/textures for them - my interest is of course mainly for my Legends of Arkain project but at the same time I am convinced that there are also...
  3. Heinvers

    Texturing Contest #23 - Dark Entities/Revenants

    Dark Entities/Revenants Contestants are to create a creature of darkness, be it a void walker, shadow elemental, skeleton, risen dead, revenant or a necromancer, as long as it is obviously shadowy and dark. No submission may violate any of the site rules. If a submission does not follow the...