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  1. impulse

    unit respawn trigger

    hi, so i made a trigger for respawns but i cant get it to work as i intended. my goal with this is when a unit dies it checks for it then wait X sec and respawn the units, but after one death they respawn and keeps respawning every 20 sec, and i guess it has with (soldier 0032) ignore the...
  2. bruunk

    [Trigger] Integer/Real Variable Size Issues

    I'm faced with an issue I didn't think possible, so I'm not sure why exactly it's occurring but this is what I have so far. My issue is involving a respawn system, where a unit dies, wait X seconds, you get the idea. However, I noticed that when I tested the respawn it worked, but when I tried...
  3. bruunk

    [Solved] Need help with tweaked respawn system

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with my tweaked respawn system, it needs to be specifically made to maintain what I already had implemented before recently made changes (due to adding bribe's unit indexer into the level and no longer being able to use "Set custom value [+1]"). The reason I...
  4. Nazujin

    Help fixing the Timers

    Hello! I need to fix this trigger, the idea of the trigger is, a hero unit dies, wait 30 sec, create another random hero in the same region of the dying one, i need it to work for multiple heroes dying at the same time. It is only reviving the last monster. Melee Initialization Events...
  5. Nazujin

    Random Respawn

    Hello guys, i need a simple system that respawn a list of random heroes with different chances for each of them to spawn in many small regions (like monster master rpg respawn but with random monster or like a "pokemon respawn". The idea is that: set Forest[1] = region1 set Forest[2] = region2...
  6. Marcus 小羊

    Random spells?

    Hello guys, I'm still a totally noob when it comes to trigger editor. May i ask if it's possible to gives hero random abilities every time they die? Q, W, E, R 4 keys for 4 different abilities that will randomly be given to newly respawn heroes. Well in my mind i got an idea about saving each...
  7. Recklessness

    [Trigger] Respawn is broken

    So I am using this respawn system, but for some reason it works sometimes and it doesn't other times and no matter what I do one specific creep (some custom harpies I have) never respawn. Does anyone know what is wrong with this or how I can fix this? Or of a legit good GUI respawn system for an...
  8. CandyPoper

    [Trigger] Units keep respawning lower that their initial spawn point.

    Hello, I have a few triggers that at the start of the map set the respawn point of every hostile unit as their initial position, but every time I kill one, it respawn just a bit lower from the spot that they should be spawning. Here are the triggers: Set respawn point Events Time...
  9. Shaeam

    [Solved] Weird Trigger Issue?

    Essentially I've created a creep system much like DotA's where it spawns a single random group per creep camp. For example; for an easy camp it'll create 3 Centaurs, 3 Satyrs, or 3 Bandits. A hard camp will spawn 3 Demons, 3 Naga, or 3 Tauren. It works fine; if every creep camp is set to...
  10. Mistablockout

    [Solved] Creep Respawning

    Ha, you've been fooled! This isn't a thread asking how to respawn creeps! ;) What the problem here is that not ALL of my creeps are respawning. Testing I've done on the problem: Regular Melee creeps will always respawn Bandits, Brigands, etc... Custom Melee creeps will always respawn (NO...
  11. Daniel Cuomo

    [Trigger] Open/Close Gate Bug

    Hi Everyone, I just got back into Warcraft 3 after like 8 years. I've been playing around with the editor making my own maps and such. I have this issue where once a unit triggers the gate to open it wont close. I have it set so that once the gate is destroyed the open and close triggers no...
  12. Sapprine

    Respawn Mechanism

    I'm looking for someone who is able to make a 'not too complex' respawn mechanism for my map. These are the requirements the mechanism needs to have: - only respawns creatures while out of sight - Spawned creatures must be spawned with already implemented item drop tables - Mechanism must be...