1. El Saif

    [Spell] Harvest ability bug

    So, i planned to make the harvest ability to be able to use if only there is a specific unit exist. I tried to set the Techtree Requirements to the required unit. Yes it works that the ability is disabled until the specific unit exist BUT it is still clickable. It's very annoying. Any thoughts?
  2. DeMoN100

    Item Purchase Through Trigger

    Hello, I am trying to make a item purchasable through a trigger and am stuck at creating the condition. I am trying to make the condition that the triggering player has to have 5000 gold or else it tells him he does not have enough gold and does not give him the item. This is what I have so far...
  3. MyPad

    Damage Detection System

    This is a damage detection system that detects damage dealt. It has three events, a detection event, a finalization of damage event, and the actual dealing of damage event. The ability to modify damage via variable has been outsourced and simplified. The library will also adjust some abilities...