1. rkemsley

    [Trigger] Phthalo's Bracer (Health Regeneration) - MUI Item Ability

    I am trying to create an item, called Phthalo's Bracer, which restores 2% of the units missing health, over 8 seconds, when they receive damage from an enemy unit. I know this can easily be done using just trigger, but I wanted a little buff icon to appear on the unit without using a dummy unit...
  2. Travel Gabel

    Percentage/Decimal numbers for health regen items

    Hi All, I've tried searching for the answer but was unable to find it. I'm looking to make items that give either an increased percentage of health regen, or numbers that could be between whole numbers. I don't want to have percentage of HEALTH as regen, but percentage of HEALTH REGEN. So for...
  3. Diegoit

    [Spell] Disable mana regen spell

    As tittle said :D Or just tell me how can i disable mana regen temporaly with triggers. Thanks ;)