1. guardian90

    How to recovery war3map.w3u after lost it?

    Hi guys, I made a custom map in world editor. I try to protect my map by removing war3map.w3u follow the guide. I do copy a map before remove war3map.w3u and store it long long time ago. Now I can not find my original map anymore, maybe I lost it when I fix my PC or something happens. I just...
  2. Chickncz

    [General] Map recovery - Tower Wars 1.1

    Hello everyone, I have tried a lot but failed. You are my last hope, kind users of hive. Me and my friends we are still dedicated players of old w3 and we play one custom map in perticular - Tower Wars 1.1. We play this map that much that we have found out few bugs which we would like to...
  3. FSK

    Lost WC3 map file, any potential recovery options?

    I shut my computer down before my map finished saving (I think thats what happened), and now world editor wont load the file. I am getting the following error when attempting to open with world editor: 'Unable to load map file : blah blehm blarhk,... --Main map file could not be opened' I've...
  4. Rykon-V73

    Breath of Recovery problem

    I set the Targets Allowed to Air, Friend, Ground for every level, but when I try it in-game, the enemies are the ones that get affected, even though the game tells me I should select friendly units. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. Abelhawk

    Anyone know how to recover a corrupted Word file?

    I've kept a dream journal on my computer for more than six years, and this past month when I reset my computer I accidentally copied over my journal and "skipped" rather than replacing the old backup. This left me with a file without the past year's worth of dreams on it. I managed to recover...