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real time strategy

  1. Gerhajdu89

    [Strategy / Risk] Civilizations

    A real time strategy map based on the Civilization games with historical civilizations, leaders, techs and such. I'd like some ideas for factions, their special abilities and policies (policies are gained from culture and can be selected like talents in an RPG).
  2. Hellborne

    [Strategy / Risk] Battle for Azeroth (WIP)

    Introducing Battle for Azeroth (WIP): A strategy map inspired by Azeroth Wars / Warcraft Legacies, Lordaeron the Foremath & Aftermath and other strategy maps. Introduction: The map is set during the fourth war between the Horde and Alliance. Geographically the map covers most of Azeroth...
  3. W

    Your best game of WC3R to play?

    What is your favourite strategy/risk, altered melee and melee map/game that you ever having fun with? E.g. Maybe it could be an RTS game as well apart from being relative to WC3R?
  4. W

    The map with the Melee Map components

    There are Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, Lordaeron: The Aftermath, Lordaeron: The Foremath, Kalimdor: The Aftermath, Dark Ages of WarCraft maps, etc. Are they considered as RTS or Altered Melee since they include the classic way of training army units and researches from the buildings but without...