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  1. DexterFstone

    raw code

    Hi why some raw codes return '0'? STR STRplus AGI AGIplus INT INTplus regenHP HeroAbilList and how to show raw codes of hero? how to show the full hp or mp (current of the game as level 1 without item)of a hero? realHP or HP not do that
  2. Phyrus

    [Trigger] Problem with AI AOS Skill Trigger

    Hey everybody I need your help. At the moment I creating my version of DotA (with a template (Ai Basics) from aleksandarB ) and parts of the AOS AI System created by Shinji. When I play 20+ min I get this error: (sorry for my german/english mix editor I'm from germany ^^") I browse some...
  3. Ricola3D

    How do I get the lists of type ids (units, items, abilities, ...) ?

    Hello, I'd like to get the complete list of defaults types per classification: - Units - Items - Destructibles - Doodads - Abilities - Buff/effects - Upgrades I saw this old topic, part of what I need is here, but it is old and the method to get it is not described :( Can somebody explain me...
  4. Ricola3D

    Patch 1.31 : how to convert "ability" type to its raw code ?

    Hello, Patch 1.31 gives new natives that return "ability" type. For ex: native BlzGetItemAbilityByIndex takes item whichItem, integer index returns ability However, most of old natives only use integer type (for ability id/raw code) instead. Is there a way to convert get the raw code from a...
  5. MatiasPalacios

    how to get Icon Raw Code

    Anyway to know the raw code of an icon?