1. Ofel

    Virus attack (please help) - Ransomware

    Hi, guys. I'm in a real though moment in my life. My Windows was attacked by a ransomware, and all my files inside D: has turned into .codnat files. I've been searching desperately on the Internet since 2 days ago, but I can't find any real decryptor for this type of file (.codnat). I cannot...
  2. CampScouter

    [IMPORTANT] Bitdefender detecting Sharpcraft as Ransomware, infected file and PUP

    So, yesterday I've updated and renewed my license in Bitdefender 2016 to Bitdefender 2017. As I run the Sharpcraft, Bitdefender showed me 6 critical notifications notifying me that is a Ransomware. Because it wanted to change in Debug.txt, which is not a work of a real Ransomware Could you...